Our team is dedicated to leverage the opportunities within Cloud Technology to find a solution to your problem.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing eliminates managing hardware and software. The shared infrastructure means it works like a utility: you only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic and scaling up or down is easy.

Our team has skills in engineering existing products to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google’s Compute platform and Sales force1 platform.

Accelerate application performance by using distributed caching through Memory Cache, Redis and CDN. Decompose relational databases to achieve scalability using DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase etc. Achieve daily continuous deployments on cloud.

Artificial intelligence

Our team of experts can help delivering wide range of AI driven products which includes:

  • Data-driven insights & tools to improve product experience and conversions.
  • Data intelligence for taking better product decisions.
  • Implementing supervised & unsupervised machine learning capabilities to build smart systems delivering actions with little or no human interventions.
  • AI driven Automated monitoring & surveillance products to interpret the movements into considerable actions based on the various algorithms and data.

Professional Services

Professional services team needs processes that will bind the team together, smooth out growing pains, and give the organization the flexibility needed to adapt to changing customer requirements and marketing demands.

Strong processes also bring consistency to project planning, time estimates, and resource allocation, which all ultimately contribute to making the team stronger, the engagements more profitable, and the customers more satisfied.

We are specialized consulting in SAP Domain like HANA, BODS, Teradata, Tableau and Alteryx Provides consultants for service and application development areas.

Support partners

It’s about being your partner in success. Our support program ensures your application meets your needs today as well as in the future.

Services to support 24/7 and Partner for existing services or solutions.